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The versatile hydraulic jacks, a wide variety of our production of jack reset situation can be divided into single acting / double acting hydraulic jacks; thin / ultrathin / ultra thin / UHP thin hydraulic jacks can be divided according to the body height of the jack; internal structure of hollow hollow jack; itself has a self-locking lock stroke jack; defined in accordance with the carrying tonnage tonnage jack; several top-liter multi-stage hydraulic jacks; according to the different materials defined aluminum hydraulic jacks; mainly used in shipyards sharing the top l point pressure Siamese hydraulic jacks. Also used in a specific place with a specific function, such as highways and other large projects overall ejector tension hydraulic jacks for heavy motorcycles, mechanical repair mobile shelf cart machine, can be used to track the passage of heavy object goes machines in orbit fully automatic motorcycle reset, professional for locomotives derailed reset the machine, electro-hydraulic rack car machine the locomotive assembly process in large-scale projects in grading upgrade jack.
Here we will introduce buy jack required technical parameters provided by the manufacturer.
Carrying capacity:
You want to buy a jack capable of carrying the maximum load. If you would like to purchase hydraulic jack top weight of 100 tons, you will have to purchase 100 tons of value multiplied by 10% as a reserve tonnage, that the top weight of 100 t need to buy jack tonnage for 100 t ¡Á (1 +10%) = 110 tons of.
Body height:
This parameter is a hydraulic jack piston is not from the top, the height of the bottom to the top of the jack. This parameter is important in practice parameters, able to adapt to the environment of space jack it means that you have to buy a minimum height, the top will not be able to play a role in this project, if you buy the top height is greater than the environment height You shall no longer buy other suitable hydraulic jacks instead. There is a body height generally with the working stroke with reference (the working stroke described below). Buy jack body height + working stroke environment height.
Working stroke:
This distance is a hydraulic jack piston extending the maximum length of the cylinder. According to the actual situation, we choose the working stroke. Purchase Selected itinerary can not be too long (for example, a place, which is impossible), nor too short trip. General working stroke of the hydraulic jacks <body height (other than multi-stage hydraulic jacks) the jack piston does not work is the reduction in the interior of the cylinder. We generally choose a medium length of the working stroke can be too long, once lifting a longer distance, but the requirements of the production process, the accuracy will become high, the cost will also increase the need for purchasing a large quantity of from a cost perspective. to consider, of course, choose too short trip will undoubtedly shorten our time lifting height, thereby increasing the number of work-site work, longer working hours, for some important work, time requirements, we propose to use slightly longer than the working stroke.
Cylinder OD:
Typically, this parameter is not particularly important to us in the production of universal jacks are on the market with the most widely used, most cases are able to use. Except in the narrow space weights lifting, we only need to consider the argument.
Reset mode:
Hydraulic jacks the the piston reset mode is divided into gravity reset, hydraulic reset. Gravity reset jack that we normally use single acting hydraulic jacks, the types of jacks after jacking load sustained weight high-strength spring tension in the interior of the cylinder below the slow buck, eventually jack reset, the reset time is longer, but due to the internal structure is simply a high-strength spring traction, the cost is relatively cheap. Another hydraulic reset using hydraulic energy, the top of the piston rod re-sucked into the cylinder, in general, the cylinder retracted pressure jacking half. The reset fast, works best choice for shorter time to complete the task, due to the complex structure, the cost is relatively expensive.
In addition, we buy hydraulic jacks in addition to several parameters mentioned above, there are many other parameters, such as piston diameter, piston within the pattern number, if there is the bottom of the mounting holes, the diameter of the top hat, here We do not specifically setting them out. If this is your first time to buy hydraulic products, in the face of doubt, it has to merchants, manufacturers submit your questions, in order to avoid problems after the purchase, to you, to cause unnecessary trouble to the project.
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