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Hydraulic jacks transmission has been able to get a wide range of applications, because it has the following main advantages:
(1) Since the transmission of the hydraulic jacks is a high pressure hose connection with the high-pressure hose connection can be convenient and flexible arrangement of the transmission mechanism, which is superior than the mechanical transmission. For example, the extract oil in the underground pump to drive the hydraulic drive may be used to overcome the shortcomings of low long drive shaft efficiency. Due to the force of the cylinder, combined with easily arranged, excavators and other heavy construction machinery, has largely replaced the old-fashioned mechanical transmission, not only easy to operate, and elegant appearance.
(2) hydraulic jacks transmission of light weight, compact structure, small inertia. For example, the volume of the hydraulic motor of the same power of 12% to 13% of the motor. Indicators, by weight of hydraulic electric pump and the hydraulic motor unit power is one tenth of the generators and motors, hydraulic electric pump and the hydraulic motor can be small to 0.0025N / W (bovine / watt), generators and motors approximately 0.03N / W.
(3) in a wide range stepless speed. With the valve or variable pump and variable motor can achieve variable speed, speed range up to 1:2000, and in the process of hydraulic jacks device running governor.
(4) passing sports uniform, smooth, stable speed load changes. Because of this feature, metal-cutting machine tools, grinders drive now almost all hydraulic transmission.
(5) hydraulic jack means easy to achieve overload protection - by means of setting relief valve, hydraulic parts self-lubricating, therefore long service life.
(6) hydraulic jacks transmission is easy to automate - by means of various control valves, especially the use of hydraulic control and electrical control when used in combination, can easily achieve complex automatic work cycle, and can achieve remote control.
(7) The hydraulic components to achieve standardization, serialization, universal, easy to design, manufacture, and promote the use of.
The hydraulic jacks drive drawback:
(1) the system of hydraulic jacks, oil spills and other factors that affect the smooth movement and correct, hydraulic jacks transmission not ensure strict transmission ratio.
(2) hydraulic jacks transmission oil temperature is relatively sensitive to temperature changes, the liquid viscosity changes, causing changes in the characteristics of the movement, so that the stability of the work affected, so it is not recommended for use in drastic temperature changes under ambient conditions.
(3) In order to reduce leakage, as well as in order to meet certain performance requirements, hydraulic components and fittings for precision manufacturing, more complicated process.
(4) hydraulic jacks transmission requirements of individual energy, unlike power as easy to use.
(5) hydraulic jack system failure is not easy to check and exclude.
In short, the advantages of hydraulic jacks transmission is a major, with the increasing levels of design and manufacture and use, some shortcomings are gradually be overcome. Hydraulic jacks transmission has a broad development prospects.
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