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Jacks, hydraulic jacks, electric hydraulic jacks to know how to debug method is extremely important, because if encounter problems, regardless of the hydraulic jacks in use before or during use can be convenient to jack commissioning checks to identify problems where the right remedy, therefore, correct master jack debugging method is necessary today, we will be hydraulic jacks debugging method to inform everyone.
1 Jog: the first inching pump, to observed hydraulic pump steering is correct. Power reversed not only non-oil output, and sometimes may have an accident, so keep in mind the start of the operation can only jog. Get ready for continuous operation when the pump sound normal and continuous output of oil and other irregularities, and no-load debugging.
2, no-load debugging: 10-20min at low speed, is sometimes necessary to remove the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor and load connections. Especially during the cold season, with no load at low speed (warming up) is particularly important, some imported equipment often have strict requirements, some equipped with a heater tank fluid warming. The first trial run be able to run in the low-speed low-voltage action.
3, gradually uniform boost acceleration, the specific method of operation is repeatedly tighten and immediately loosen the relief valve, pressure or flow rate of the flow valve to adjust the handle a few times, and to the changes in pressure gauge observed pressure fluctuations in certain situations and the speed of the actuator case, the heat generation of the hydraulic pump, vibration and noise and other conditions. Found that the problem targeted analysis to solve.
4, in accordance with the action cycle table combined electrical machinery to debug single action first, and then transferred to the cycle of action debugging check whether each action coordination, the debugging process in general some problems: such as crawling, impact and no change to the other faults, especially complex domestic and imported equipment, if the problems can be common consultation, necessary to resort to the manufacturers of the hydraulic jacks.
5, to enter the final commissioning of the full load, that is, the maximum working pressure and the maximum (minimum) speed test the technical performance of the hydraulic jacks, check power, heat, noise and vibration, high-speed impact, low-speed crawling. Check the various parts of the oil spill, the often-load does not leak site increased pressure Shique oil spill. Found the problem immediately removed, and make a written record.
6, by the above method debugging good hydraulic jacks each handle, and generally do not move. The various handwheel release all the upcoming packaging factory jack should, handwheel release the pressure valve should be different jack on the long-term to prevent permanent deformation of spring to the jacks enable various types of failures affect performance.
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