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1 Objective: Objective: To standardize the front-line employees and the proper use of the jack.
2: the company overall and separate hydraulic jacks.
(1) Jack is one of the most simple lifting equipment. It has two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical jacks and rack spiral, starting weight, operation laborious, generally used only for the mechanical maintenance work, building bridges and the process does not apply. The hydraulic jacks structure compact, the work is steady and self-locking effect, it is widely used. The disadvantage is the limited lifting height, lifting speed is slow.
(2) hydraulic jacks: Human or power-driven hydraulic pump, drive through the hydraulic system, cylinder or piston as jacking member. Hydraulic jacks into the overall style and separate. Integral pump and hydraulic cylinder together into one; separate pump and hydraulic cylinder separation, middle associated with high-pressure hose.
4 Usage: Usage:
(1) must be checked before use the ministries is normal. (Mainly to check for oil leaks piston, fittings, high pressure hoses, etc.).
(2) should be used in strict compliance with the provisions of the main parameters, avoid ultra-high overload, or when lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeding the prescribed cylinder top serious oil spill.
(3) manually pump the fuel shortage, the need to first pump was added for fully After filtering the hydraulic oil in order to work.
(4) weight center of gravity To select a moderate, reasonable choice of the focal points of the jack, the bottom surface of the pad level, taking into account the soft and hard conditions on the ground, if you want to pad the tough wood placed is stable, to avoid weight-bearing subsidence or tilt. 5) Jack after the weight lifting should be timely and supports the solid support of heavy objects
(6) For a few jacks at the same time lifting, in addition should be properly placed jack should be noted that each jack load should be balanced to keep the lifting speed synchronization to prevent the heavy lifting tilt and dangerous.
(7) using the jack cylinder placed a good position, tighten the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. Purports decline of the piston rod, slightly loosen the manual pump handwheel counterclockwise, unloading cylinder, piston rod that is gradually decreased. No decrease too fast, which generate hazardous.
(8) separate jack Department of spring return structure, lifting after, can be quickly removed, but can not connect the hose to pull the jack.
(9) jack lifting stroke smaller user, do not exceed the rated stroke, to avoid damage to the jack.
(10) The use of the process should be avoided Jack severe vibration (such as: jack load, tapping with a hammer workpiece).
5 separate hydraulic jacks Notes
(1) empty playing phenomenon, the oil drain screw on the pump body can be relaxed, the pump vertically up and head down the empty playing a few, and then tighten the oil drain screw, you can continue to use.
(2) shall not plus partial load or overload to avoid jack damage danger. Load and avoid quick connector unloaded to avoid accidents and mechanical damage.
(3) of this machine oil to oil and maintenance of the equipment for the media, must be prepared to work in order to avoid blockage or spill affect the results.
(4) a new or long home hydraulic jack, memory due to the fuel tank more air to start using the piston rod may appear tiny and sudden jumps, hydraulic jack airborne reciprocating 2-3 times to Exclude air in the chamber. Long idle jack, causing the hardening of the seal because the seal does not work for a long, thereby affecting the service life of the hydraulic jack, so the hydraulic jacks when not in use, monthly To hydraulic jack unloaded reciprocally 2-3 times .
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